DIY Coaster


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Hello there, it’s been a while since my last post. Instead of regaling you with tales of travels and excitement (sadly, there are no tales to tell), I’ll get started with this post.

I woke up the other morning and I had a hankering to do something creative. It had been a while since I’d done anything other than work, work, work and clean my house. As fun as that is, sometimes a girl just needs a break 🙂

A while back, cough*Christmas*cough, I thought I would make some coasters to have extras around the house. If I liked how they turned out, I would make some to give as gifts. So, six months later, I finally made one batch of coasters.

I grabbed all my supplies: some scrapbook paper, some ModPodge, cork coasters to glue paper to, a paintbrush, something to trace around (I used a candle holder), scissors and a pencil to trace with (not shown – tragic, I know).


I got the cork coasters from Ikea. I got them so long ago, I don’t remember how much they cost. But they were cheap.

After gathering supplies, I traced a circle onto the back of some scrapbook paper. I didn’t want any pencil marks showing through if I didn’t cut the circles perfectly. And let’s be honest, circles are hard to cut.

Trace, trace baby

Once I had all my circles traced, I cut them all out. Four coasters, four circles. I decided it would be a good idea to put ModPodge on the back of the scrapbook paper as well as the top. So I slathered the glue all over the back of the paper like so.

Look at that slather

Once I had the glue slathered on the back, I placed it on the cork coaster. I wanted to make sure it didn’t slide around while I was ModPodging the top (sure, that’s a word) so I placed a heavy candle holder on top. I knew it would cover the whole circle because I used the base of the candle holder to trace the circles.

Double Duty

Once I was happy with how the paper was sticking to the coasters, I ModPodged the top of the paper and coaster. I covered the whole thing in glue. I think I did 3 layers, waiting for each coat to dry in between.

Extreme Close Up

All the coasters

And there ya have it, DIY coasters. Easy, cheap and got out some of my crafting urges. Now, enjoy a nice cold beverage on the first day of summer.

– Sylvia


Birchbox Surprise

I recently enrolled in Birchbox, a monthly delivery service of trial-sized from well known brands as well as emerging ones. I thought it would be a neat way to discover new products and trends. At only $10 a month, it’s a low-risk investment.



I (finally) received my first box – I was put on a waiting list – and it was sponsored by Gossip Girl. I’ve never seen Gossip Girl (I know, Gasp!) but from what I understand it’s very fashion-forward. I’m also not sure why the box had anything to do with Gossip Girl, other than the post card that was in the box. Honestly, it was smaller than I thought it would be.

Gossip Girl (this was supposed to rotate, but it’s not showing it did…so rotate your computer)

The box contained some samples of:

  • Color Club nail polish in Disco Nap
  • Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream
  • Keratase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquid
  • Keratase Cristalliste Shampoo
  • Keratase Cristalliste Conditioner
  • Stilla Sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner
  • XOXO note card

Inside the goody box

I haven’t tried any of the products yet, but I’m interested the try the shampoo and conditioner – although one use won’t be enough to see results. I’m really interested in the BB cream. I’ve been wanting to try some, to see if they’re really as good as they say they are. I hear they’re all the rage in Asia. And one product that can moisturize, provide sun protection, skin repair and a tint, is A-okay in my book (remember, I LOVE things that multitask).

I’m interested to see how everything works and what kind of goodies I’ll get next month. If I like the products that come in the box month after month, I’ll recommend this to friends. But for now:




30 Days, 30 Shoes: Remainder of April

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since either of us have written. Apologies, Melanie is in the final countdown to her wedding (it’s this Saturday!) and I’ve been busy with work. Which is not a good excuse, but it’s the only excuse I have 🙂

Monday, 4/16 – I love these grey boots. They’re a staple of my winter wardrobe, but I wanted to make sure they got a chance to shine in this 30-Day challenge (shh, don’t tell my other grey boots).

One of my favorites

Tuesday, 4/17 –  I’m not sure what drew me to these shoes, probably the kitten heel and suede-ish material. They make a really loud clicking when I walk, my boyfriend hates it, but it makes me feel like a grown up.

Adult Shoes

Wednesday, 4/18 – Remember when I told you I had an obsession with Converse? Well here’s another pair. These are probably my favorites, I can wear them with anything. And I do. The sad thing is, I didn’t even wear all of my Converse this month.


Thursday, 4/19 – These shoes have special meaning to me, they’re the shoes I was wearing over 4 years ago when I met my boyfriend. Honestly, that’s the only reason I still have them. They’re adorable, but they’re not that comfortable. And I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

Love connection shoes

Friday, 4/20 – I love these shoes. They make me feel sassy and tall. I mainly feel sassy because they give me an extra 5 inches. And they have little studs on them. So sassy.


See those sassy studs

Saturday, 4/21 – These shoes are really comfy and I’ve had them forever. They’re not cute, they’re not special, but they’re durable and have a pop of orange. So they’re okay in my book.

Splash of Orange

Sunday, 4/21 – Sadly, these shoes are no more. My little puppy decided they were a better chew toy than foot cover. Which makes me so sad, these shoes were so comfortable and I could wear them with anything. They’re black and brown, anything.


Monday 4/23 – Friday 4/27 – Okay, this is where it gets weird. I was out in LA for work the whole week and had to pack pretty light. So I just threw some sandals in my luggage and wore the shoes when they made sense. During the day I was wearing one pair, for client-dinner I was wearing another (I work in advertising, I can get away with dressing casually at client dinners). So I’m just throwing all the pictures up here since they don’t have a designated day. Also, it was cold and rainy in LA and packing so many sandals was not the best idea.

These are dressy enough for client dinners in my industry. Yay.

These are also dressy enough for client dinners.

These were one of my snazzy shoes for the client.

These are my airport shoes

I didn’t wear these in front of the client, it’s their competitor color

Saturday, 4/28 – Finally back in Austin! Melanie and I (and another friend) took a bike-riding class/tour of the city so I donned a pair of bright red tennis shoes.

So I don’t get hit on the bike

Sunday, 4/29 – Okay, I know you think I’m cheating, but I didn’t wear shoes again. I was so glad to be home that I just cleaned house and stayed home. It was a lovely day, aside from all the cleaning.

Monday, 4/30 – The Grand Finale. I decided to wear a pair of fun red heels (can you tell it’s my favorite color?) to end on a high note.

High heels, high note, get it?

They’re just so pretty

And that concludes the 30 Day Shoes Challenge. The only thing I learned is that I have too many pairs of shoes. I didn’t even come close to wearing all of my shoes. Not. Even. Close. It made me realize I tend to gravitate towards the same few pairs of shoes all the time. And that I spend a lot of weekends barefoot.

Thanks for reading and looking at the shoes, it was a fun journey. And Mel and I will try to post more regularly. Although, it’ll be up to me while she’s honeymooning in Fiji (I’m a little jealous, but I’ll try not to let it show 🙂 )

30 Days, 30 Shoes – Week 2



Hello everyone, another week has gone by with a new pair of shoes a day. Although I have plenty of shoes to wear, I’m getting antsy to repeat. Some of the shoes I’ve already worn are just so comfortable.

I was pretty casual this week, I didn’t get a lot of sleep and didn’t feel like wearing cute heels. As a result, I have no idea what I wore with my shoes. But that’s okay, I don’t take pictures of my clothes anyway 🙂

Saturday, 4/7 – On Saturday I went to visit my uncle who basically lives on a farm. While it’s not an actual farm, he has chickens and donkeys, horses and turkeys running around so as far as I’m concerned, it’s a farm. I went with a pair of shoes that couldn’t get ruined, a pair of white leather Jack Purcells. I rarely wear them, but I love them so.

I love them so

I love them so

Jack Purcell

Sunday, 4/8 – Also known as Easter. Usually I dress up nicely for Easter, but I spent it with my boyfriend’s family and we were going to be outside by the pool. So I wore a pair of cheap bronze flip flops that I picked up at Walgreens a few years back. I was surprised that they had lasted so long and as soon as I got home, the straps broke. So these are forever gone.

Rest In Peace(ter)

Monday, 4/9 – Pointy toed heels are coming back. I’m pretty happy about this since I was really into them in college. I’ve gotten rid of most of most of my old shoes, but kept a few that I loved in preparation of their inevitable return. The shoes I wore Monday are brand new, but my old pointy toes are sitting in wait. These are black with a faux crocodile look.

Look at that point!

Shiny Shoes

Tuesday, 4/10 – This was Tom’s One Day Without Shoes – so I went barefoot.

Wednesday, 4/11 – I love wedges. They’re so comfortable and easy to walk in. And for some reason, really hard to find. I got these grey wedges over the winter but rarely wore them because I like to wear socks so my feet don’t get cold. They’re almost out of season, but we had a cold front come through this week, so I don’t feel guilty about wearing them.

Talk about comfort

Wednesday is for Wedges

Thursday, 4/12 – I was particularly tired this day. I got about 2.5, maybe 3, hours of sleep. And I just couldn’t put forth any effort. So I wore my boring khaki colored Chuck T’s. They’re comfortable without calling too much attention to themselves. If you haven’t noticed by now, I really love Converse. I think I’ve already worn four pairs this month.

Sweet Laces

Friday, 4/13 – Ahh, it was Friday the 13th. Luckily I don’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia. Hopefully you don’t either. But I decided to keep it casual with one of my favorite pairs of shoes. A nice black flat. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s cute.

Comfy, cute and casual

Saturday, 4/14 – My plan for the day was to get some spring cleaning done, but instead I was out of the house all day. I went to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Melanie’s wedding, did a little shopping (for spring cleaning supplies) and saw my boyfriend off for his trip to Las Vegas. The weather was surprisingly windy. Apparently a storm is a’brewin. I just slipped into a pair of red Reef flip flops. I can’t wait to wear these to the beach.

Beach Ready

Sunday, 4/15 – Hey, that’s today. I’m currently wearing another pair of flip flops. I got these years ago and love them. They’re dirty from years of wear, but so comfortable and they make a really pleasing “clip clap” sound when I walk.

These came with cute lamb stickers

Well that’s all for this week. More shoes to come.

– Sylvia