Pump Up The Volume


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I have flat hair: flat, limp, lifeless, flat, flat, flat. I’m part Native American and part Asian so I’m sure you can imagine. I usually like my hair, it’s really easy to “fix” in the morning. I just wake up and go. Really, I don’t even brush my hair. But when I see pictures of celebrities with cute puffy ponytails, I get a little jealous.

Image via Just In Five Minutes

It’s just such a classy yet simple look. Though I’ve tried to recreate the look, my hair just won’t allow it. No amount of teasing would do the trick. Or so I thought. I recently found a neat little hack that lets me fake the volume. No, not a Bumpit.

Just Say No

Are you ready for the big surprise? You might want to sit down because I am about to blow your mind. PUT A BUN ON IT (Portlandia, anyone? Anyone?). Seriously, just section off some hair on top and clip it aside (later you’ll use this hair to cover the bun). Wherever you want the puff to be, make a small bun and secure with bobby pins or a ponytail holder (it doesn’t really matter because no one will see it). Then go back to that clipped off section and tease it a little to give it some extra volume. Cover the bun with the hair and secure it in a ponytail or half pony – or whatever style you decide.

Voila, you’re done and now you have gorgeous and classy hair and no one will be the wiser.

I took a few photos of the process, but just a warning, they did not turn out well. It was not easy trying to take photos alone with my phone, in a poorly lit bathroom with the other hand trying to hold my hair in place. Not easy at all.

Here's a pic of my limp hair - also it looks like it's time for a trim

This is the part you'll clip and save for later

Bun Time!

Look at that baby bun


Don't use a claw clip - they add way too much extra volume. I'm looking a little like Snooki here.

Yes, before I put the bobby pins in, I thought I’d be smart and put a little claw clip in because they add extra volume. It wasn’t a good idea and I included the picture as a cautionary tale. Lesson of the day: Bobby pins are your friends!

But all in all, isn’t that a neat little trick? I sure think so. And now I will never be jealous of a sweet little puffy ponytail ever again.

Other hair styles is another story …

– Sylvia