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Hello Blogosphere (that word makes me cringe),

It’s been a long time since we posted anything, a lot has been going on in our lives that has kept us away. But I’m not trying to start the new year off by making excuses.

But I am trying to start the new year off by posting more. I know, we’re already 16 days into 2013 and this is the first post. Personally, I don’t like to start my “resolutions” until February. There’s just too much pressure on January to turn your life around. It’s unfair and I won’t stand for it.

As such, today’s post won’t have any fun tutorials or pretty pictures. That’s too much pressure on the first post in a long while 🙂

Instead, this post is a pledge to try to do better this year. I’ve already done a lot of fun stuff (unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures to prove it – but I have some!), and hopefully I can keep it up.

So, until next time, instead of trying to make January a complete lifestyle change, I recommend easing into it. You’ll probably have better results if you make a conscious effort to do better  every day than to exercise every day (That’s just unrealistic and unhealthy. Those muscles need time to repair.), eat healthy every meal (Trust me, sugar = awesome) or whatever your particular goal is.

Best of luck in your endeavors for the year. And come back soon because there should be a new post any day now 🙂