Hello there, long long time no post. Instead of making a bunch of excuses, I’ll just get right to my post for the day.

I found a vintage mirror tray that I had to have for my bathroom.

The lovely trees distract you from the dirt

The lovely trees distract you from the dirt

You can’t really tell from the picture above, but it was that gross kind of coppery metal and it was far too gross to live in a bathroom. Bathrooms should be clean, well, at least look clean.

So I decided to spray paint it white.

Lookin’ good – oh wait, there’s no reflection

I taped that baby up and spray painted like I had never spray painted before. Okay that’s a lie. I just spray painted like I would spray paint anything else. But here’s the fun part, I left it outside to dry for like a week. I forgot about it. Then I remembered it and gave it another coat. THEN I FORGOT ABOUT IT AGAIN.

This mirror got suuuper dry between coats.

But now it’s living in a moist (isn’t that the grossest word ever?) environment aka my bathroom.

Take a look at that streak

The cute birds distract you from the streak

And that’s what’s going on in my bathroom.

Now I bid you adieu,