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I’m a maniac, maniac

My sister’s 30th birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I was tasked with baking. I made a couple of different treats, nothing out of the ordinary. Some chocolate chip & peanut butter chip cookies, cupcakes in ice cream cones (no mess to throw away) and some chocolate cupcakes.

The chocolate cupcakes were no ordinary cupcakes, in my opinion. Instead of doing the regular bake cupcakes, add frosting, eat; I thought I would do something a little snazzy for my one-and-only sister on her one-and-only 30th birthday.

I baked the cupcakes as usual, filling the liners 2/3 full rather 1/2 full. Once they were done and cooled, I cut the tops off. One important thing that I wish I had thought of a few nights before I started, cutting fresh cupcakes is crumb city. I should have baked ahead of time and put them in the freezer. The lessons you learn…

Welcome to Crumb City

Once I cut the tops off and tried to dust off the crumbs, I frosted the top. I used vanilla frosting, but it would be fun to dye the frosting to match the party decor or holiday.

Boring white frosting. Oh wait, look at those chocolate flecks in there. I’ll call it “decoration”

Once I had that done, I took the cut off tops and cut a heart into them with a small cookie cutter.

Check out that tiny glimmer of gold – I was testing nail polishes at Nordstrom (yes, I bought it).

You have to be a little careful when you push down on the cutter, it could tear. But if so, it’s not a big deal, just smoosh it back together on the cupcake base.

I love you with my “hole” heart

Be careful not to rip when you push (Pregnancy joke)

Once the heart is cut out, I just put it on top of the base and admired my handiwork.


I decided they needed some powdered sugar on top, but you can tell that from the picture at the top of the post.

The cupcakes went over well at the party. Someone actually said, “My compliments to the baker.” I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I wish the heart cutter’s features were sharper. I feel like they kind of looked like oddly-shaped circles. But all’s well that ends well. And the best part, the “trash” was adorable and edible. As a matter of fact, I frosted the “trash” and took it to work.

Look at that trash. Delicious, delicious trash

– Sylvia