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Hoppy Easter! Hope everyone had an egg-selent time with their family and friends! Over the weekend I decided to try a new hair technique that’s supposed to result in beautiful beachy waves. Did it work? Check it out below.

First of all, you know about my hair texture, I wrote about it here. Unfortunately the texture hasn’t changed since I wrote that post. But I’m still searching for fun new ways to fix my hair. And I love wavy hair. I wish I had naturally wavy hair. It would be glorious, I’d probably be president of the United States by now if I had wavy hair (never mind that I’m not quite old enough). I know you can get a perm for curls/waves, but that just seems so 80s to me. And it’s bad for your hair. I prefer not to attack my hair with heat and products every day. Which is one of the reasons this method is great. It requires no heat! That’s right, it’s another way to get waves with no heat and very little work; similar to Melanie’s post here.

You start by putting a large hair band over the top of your dry hair, not under your hair like you would normally use it.

Over, not under

Then, you grab a small section of your hair and twist. You can twist in any direction, but I preferred to twist away from my face.

Twist and shout (okay, no shouting necessary)

Now comes the tricky part (the best part, it’s not that tricky!), take that twist and wrap it around the hair elastic until you come to the end. Then take another section of hair and twist that, then wrap around the elastic. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you’ve twisted and wrapped all of your hair. It’ll look a little something like this:

All rolled up

And a couple more shots to show you what it looks like rolled up (mainly because I took so many).


Top Shot

Now, my favorite step: SLEEP! That’s right, now that your hair is twisted and wrapped, it’s time to call it a day and get some beauty sleep. Have fantastic dreams about the beach (because of the waves, get it!).

When you wake up, your hair will probably look like a family of rats made a nest in it. Unless you are a very still sleeper. Which I am not, apparently.

If you look close enough, you can see the mouse family's Picasso.

Yikes, that’s not pretty! But when you unravel the elastic, it’ll look a lot better!

Look at that little curly q.

The curly piece above was not really what I was going for, I guess I didn’t do enough twisting of that particular section of hair (in my defense it was the last strand and I was tired). There was a lot of volume when I first took it down. It subsided (although I don’t have any tamer pictures) and I was happy with the results.


I’ll definitely be doing this again. And I’m sure the more I do it, the better and faster I’ll get. I’ll also play with how much hair I should put in each twist, how tight the twists should be, etc.

Oh, you’ll need to smooth out the top of your hair, otherwise the rat’s-nest look won’t go away. I finger-combed my hair and and spritzed a little shine serum and went about my day. It’s probably a good idea to put some hair spray in it to hold the curls.

Now that I have another easy way to get wavy hair, I’ll be president in no time!

– Sylvia