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Okay, so it hasn’t technically been a full week since I started, but I have some free time now. But before I begin, I hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend with family, friends or both.

Back to the subject at hand: SHOES!

Sunday, 4/1 – I went barefoot all day. It was a Sunday and I didn’t feel like leaving my house. Don’t judge, it was glorious.

Monday, 4/2 – I thought I would start strong (Sunday is a day to relax, this totally still counts as starting strong) and wear a nice bold shoe. Orange is one of my favorite colors and there’s just something about a colorful shoe that draws me in. I decided to finally break out a new dress I bought over the winter, a cute cream colored dress with a navy blue bicycle pattern paired with my bright orange flats. And when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT.

Hello Orange

I just love these

Tuesday, 4/3 – Since I have to manage 30 29 days of shoes, I don’t want to wear all of my favorites right off the bat (not that I don’t love these shoes, I love all my shoes). I need something to look forward to at the end of the month. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of wearing those orange flats again by next week. But I digress. I decided to pull out an old (I mean OLD) pair of brown and orange Sauconys that I loved in college. I wore a pair of jeans and fun dinosaur t-shirt. I’m so lucky that I work in advertising and can wear what I want.

Comfort at it's finest

Is this the same picture?

Wednesday, 4/4 – I decided to break out a new pair of shoes. Well, I’ve actually had them for a while and finally wore them on Wednesday (I’m beginning to sense a pattern here). They’re a pair of black patent flip flop heels. That’s probably not what they’re really called, but I feel like it’s a pretty good description. What did I wear on Wednesday? Oh yeah, I wore a black maxi dress with a cream colored lace top over it. That was new for me to wear a dress with a shirt over it, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I am not, however, happy with what those shoes did to my feet. They gave me MAJOR blisters. I’m not even sure if I’ll ever wear them again (but by the time I can wear them again, I’ll probably have forgotten about the blisters).

Black Blister Bombers

See, they're flip flops with heels

Thursday, 4/5 – Since my feet were in pain from the blister fiasco on Wednesday, I decided to wear a comfortable shoe. So I broke out a pair of Chucks that I haven’t worn in a while. They’re black and white pinstripes. I don’t know about you, but I. Love. Pinstripes. I matched them with a black and white striped cardigan, a grey tank top and a pair of jeans. Comfortable, yet stylin’.

Hi there fancy shoelaces

What you can't see in this picture (but you can in the other) is the tongue of this shoes is waaaaay off to the side

Friday, 4/6 – Happy Good Friday, ladies and gentlemen. I decided I would dress myself up in a cute long green skirt and white t-shirt and offset that with a pair of coral open-toed flats. I’m all about cute and comfortable. And I knew I was going to need to be comfortable since I would be playing Scattegories with copy writers. What was I thinking playing a word game with wordsmiths?

You get this shot to save you from seeing my blisters. You're welcome.

And that rounds out my (work) week of shoes. The first week is easy, but I’m sure by Wednesday, I’ll be ready for a shoe repeat. I still haven’t worn my go-to plain black flats, I’m saving them for when I’m desperate.

I also want to alert you guys to a great cause (that will coincidentally lead me to not wear shoes again) the One Day Without Shoes Challenge. My office is participating and while I’m a little leery of being barefoot in the office, I’m happy to help a good cause. So Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – I will once again be barefoot. So make that 28 days of different shoes.

Also, I need a pedicure.

– Sylvia