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Happy April Fools! I don’t know about you, but I won’t be playing any pranks today. Since I can’t keep a straight face, I’m no good at pranks. But I love a good practical joke, so if you have any fun stories, let me know!

Rather than try to fool a friend today, I’ve decided to take on a foolish task for the month of April. Every day I’m going to wear a different pair of shoes. No doubling up in April. I’ll try to keep the blog updated with pictures, but to be honest, I’ll probably throw pictures up once a week or so.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I’m hoping this will help me to realize that I have too many shoes and need to stop buying new ones/donate ones I don’t wear any more. But, there’s a good possibility that since I’ll be so cognizant of shoes every day, I’ll just end up buying more. Maybe May will be “No New Shoes May” but I don’t like the sound of that 🙂

Since it’s 12:52am in Austin, I’m not wearing shoes so I have nothing to post yet. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of shoes tonight.

– Sylvia