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Oh hello, I don't work.

Now that Spring is officially here, hemlines will be rising. I, for one, bought some cute dresses over the Winter and can’t wait to bring them out. But my legs aren’t quite ready for their debut. They stayed covered most of the Winter in knee socks, jeans and boots. Yup, three layers over my little ole’ shins.

Knowing that Spring would be here soon, I also bought Michael Kors Leg Shine. I thought I was pretty clever, beating the system. I don’t believe in tanning beds (I believe that they exist, I just don’t think people should use them) but it’s not quite warm enough to bask in the sun yet. So I thought the leg shine would be perfect.

Not so fast. Maybe it’s just the natural olive color of my skin, or maybe it’s the product itself but I saw NO DIFFERENCE. Nothing, nothing at all. I slicked that stuff all up and down my legs. Nada. I did, however, notice the smell. It’s pretty powerful, especially for being so far away from your nose (haha).

Who knows, maybe if you’re super pale, it will make your skin glow like a unicorn riding majestically over a shooting star (that’s super glowy for those of you who don’t know) but it just didn’t work for me.

I happened to wear it with a dark colored dress, but if you wear it with something light – beware – it looks like it will stain your clothing (probably sticks to fabric better than skin).

It’s pricey for a product that didn’t make one bit of difference. But if you want to try it out for yourself, you can get a small 1 oz stick here or here  for $10.00 or you can get a bigger tube and choose between Classic, Shimmer or Bronze at Michael Kors for $35.00.

I used the classic, so maybe bronze or shimmer might work better but I won’t be buying it.

Michael Kors, I love you. I love your products. But I’m disappointed in this. What’s that? You want to give me a lifetime supply of free handbags to make up for it? You shouldn’t have, but I’ll take it!*

*Michael Kors is NOT ACTUALLY giving me a lifetime supply of free handbags. Sadly.

– Sylvia