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In my head, the title sounds like, “Girl, you better recognize” and it’s hilarious. But, that could be due to lack of sleep … yeah, probably.

But anyway, I was thinking about accessories the other day and how I’m not at all the kind of girl that accessorizes. My Great Grandmother (GGMA) was the world’s greatest accessorizer. She had a trophy to prove it (okay, she didn’t have an actual trophy). She always matched perfectly. Her outfit was always complimented by shoes, jewelry and maybe even a hat. When she passed a way and we went through her belongings I remember marveling at all of her amazing things. She had beautiful rings and necklaces and earrings in every color. She had scarves in every design and fabric. She had shoes – my goodness the woman had a shoe collection to die for. I could go on forever about her closet and her ability to put together an outfit. But who has the time?

I remember when I was a little girl, I read one of the Babysitter’s Club books where Claudia (who happened to be my favorite) created this outfit that consisted of green pants and pink shirt with black polka dots, topped off with watermelon earrings. She was dressed as a watermelon. When I was 12, I thought that was so cool. I even tried to recreate it. I don’t think people understood what I was trying to do – or maybe they just weren’t hip enough to understand.

But alas, here I am, a girl who doesn’t accessorize. I have things to work with, I just … don’t. Seriously, my accessories consist of the watch my boyfriend got me and hair ties around my wrist. They’re both practical – one tells time and looks good and the other gets my hair out of my face (I love things that multi-task).

I’m probably never going to be an accessory girl – but I really appreciate it when I see one.

If only scrunchies would come back. Then I'd be stylin and profilin.

– Sylvia

***Important Addendum***

I’m definitely saving space on my wrist for the Cartier LOVE bracelet (hint hint)

You want to hang out on my wrist? I'll allow it.