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Let’s talk hair for a moment. First, I disapprove of my hair’s split personality disorder. It is flat and thin in the front, and ranges from wavy to down right curly and thick in the back. I have been growing it out for the past several months (you know, for the ever closer wedding), and it has gotten to an almost unmanageable length.

Also, I am lazy. I remember “back in the day” when I’d get up early for school to do something with my hair so that it was pretty and styled. These days, I honestly don’t brush it sometimes before leaving for work (I so cherish that extra few minutes in bed). So, with some tips from a hairdresser, I devised a way to have the best of both worlds– a messy, wavy (yet pulled together) style that takes minutes to accomplish. Every time I wear my hair this way, I get compliments and questions on how I so dramatically altered my hair’s appearance. So, I decided to share the super easy secret with you….

You will need bobby pins and a comb or brush for this– that’s it! No product required!

Step 1: The Prep

Do this at night, after a shower (that’s when I prefer to take mine… who wants to deal with cold water in the mornings anyway?!) While your hair is still wet, brush or comb out the tangles, then part your hair in a way you are comfortable leaving it for an entire day (no running your fingers through your hair with this style).

Step 2: The Twist

Take a small section of hair (I do about the girth of my pinky finger for the front half of my head, and the girth of about two fingers for the rear half) and gently twist it AWAY from your face.





Step 3: The Knot and Pin

Once the section of hair is fully twisted, using your index finger as a hook, hook UNDER that section of hair, and bring the tip of that section up to your head.

Now, rotate your hook finger 360 degrees to tighten the hair into a knot.

Place the knot directly on top of the tip of your section, and secure both to your head with a bobby pin.





Repeat these steps until all of your hair is sectioned off, twisted, knotted and pinned up. (You will end with a fun 50’s “I’m getting my hair done” look) Now– go to bed. 🙂

Your hair will dry overnight in this twisted, knotted position (don’t worry about sleeping on it or flattening some of the knots– the style is meant to look a little messy). In the morning, just remove the bobby pins, loosen the twists, and you are ready to rock a new style!

SOME NOTES: Changing the tension of your twist will change the overall body of your hair once styled. If you want more volume, twist and knot your hair tightly. I have very thick hair, so I twist and knot mine loosely. Also, choose bobby pins that aren’t super tight (or even soft clips), so that they don’t bother you while you are sleeping. I use very large (three-inch) bobby pins with a relaxed tension, so they hold my hair securely, but don’t pinch or strain my hair uncomfortably. As an alternative to evening showers, you could set your pins, then blow dry your hair, but for me that defeats the purpose of quick and easy. 🙂

Let me know when you try it!


– Melanie