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Hello there, Sylvia here. Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? Probably, who isn’t? I always find the cutest craft projects with the purest intentions of making them. But, with all the time spent pinning, who has time to actually make crafts? That and the fact that I’m not what you would call a “natural” at craftiness. I have good intentions, but a short attention span.

I found this cute Pomander via the blog, The Idea Room, and I thought I could actually make it. So I went to Joann’s and bought all the supplies I would need and got started. I usually don’t have a lot of free time, however luckily sadly, my boyfriend was sick so I had a little extra time on my hands. This project is time consuming and tedious, but I’m pretty proud of myself for completing it – yay for stick-to-it-iveness  (not  only can I make crafts, I can also make up words).

I made a couple of moderations to the original instructions. I used regular silver pins (I couldn’t find cute white-tipped pins and I thought it would look good with the grey paper). I also varied using two flower cutouts vs one cutout per pin (personally I think two looks better, but one takes less time). Some pictures below:

fun with paper punches

I used the Fiskars “burst” paper punch and grey scrapbook paper with some illegible writing on it for the flowers. I’m really into grey right now.

Started off with a row of one flower per pin.

Finished productAnother view of the finished product

I glued a Valentine’s ribbon I had laying around the house so I can hang it up somewhere.

Well, folks, that’s my first attempt at a paper pomander. Despite the time it takes, I’m happy with the way it turned out and I’d like to make some more in different colors to hang around the house.