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My fiance and I set the date for our wedding, and it is fast-approaching. We have scheduled all our vendors, planned most of the details, and have an idea of how this DIY wedding will go. One thing still lingers on my mind though: what lipstick should I wear?!

This seemingly simple question has me stumped. As a real burly man, Eric (my fiance) shys away at any possibility of wearing my lipstick (or gloss) after a smooch. I need something that will impress the ever-present focus of the camera lens, but not make my fiance cringe at the thought of kissing me. After all, that’s one of the most magical moments of the event– the kiss after the ceremony to ‘seal the deal’.

Now, normally I would jump at the opportunity to sport beautiful red lips, but I think for the wedding I will go with a slightly muted, natural tone. This will provide for more timeless pictures, and be less intimidating for my fiance. 😉
So, with some consideration, I have developed a list of criteria with which to test different brands against. I am looking for a lipstick that:

  • has a healthy option of colors (it may take some time for me to find just the right shade)
  • is really long-lasting, with little or no need for re-applying (we will be celebrating to the wee hours folks; I need something that can last through this six to eight hour night!)
  • is absolutely smudge-proof, and won’t rub off on dishware or people (no color left behind!)
  • leaves my lips feeling smooth (I am sadly addicted to chapstick — more on that later– so I need something that will keep my lips moisturized)
  • won’t break the bank (DIY is just another term for “working with a budget”. I’m not looking to spend hundreds of dollars searching for the right product)

Over the next couple of months, I will begin systematically testing and posting images of the different types of lipsticks I try. However, if you have any recommendations on where to start, I’m all ears! Fingers crossed; I hope I can find some great options out there!